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Right advertising for to target the right audience

Knowing your audience will tell you if video will be the best kind of display ad to use, or if banner ads will be more effective. This can include targeting customers who are researching a product and visit the site, or it can more specifically focused on those who are closer to your home base.

Your goal-audience is who we will help you reach. 1Connect1 understand how to target your audience to your business

Target the right customers

We provide you with the best tool analytics. Analytics does some amazing things for websites.

allows us to ensure every ad placed for your campaign is designed to be highly effective. With the use of data, it is possible to capture more information about how your campaign is working so changes, if needed can occur.

You can choose between:

Pay Per Click

Pay based on your set budge, and only when customers click on your ads.

Display Ad

Effective to increase your brand awareness for your business. You can have more time you want for more than thousand impressions.

Be exactly where your customers need you

The key to attract local customers is to offer coupons and sales that are only found online. 1Connect1 can help you turn local shoppers into local buyers, while using your online ads to determine the conversion rate.